Monday, November 09, 2009

Spent Friday Night Checking out Fashion & Art at the Fourth Wall Gallery

Chesley McLaren, 4th fourth wall gallery,style geek dallas

Chesley McLaren started off as fashion designer but fate had different plans. When her first couture collection "At The Circus" failed to make a splash, she showed her sketches and before she knew it, Bendel’s, Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf’s came a calling. Her artwork now adorns everything from scarves to children's books. And it's an honor to have her showcasing here in Dallas at the Fourth Wall Gallery.

Chesley McLaren 4th fourth wall gallery,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geekI went to the opening on Friday and fell in love with sketching all over again. Her francophile style is appropriate for the children's books without being too immature for us adults. It's curly and fun without missing a detail.

I really wanted When Royalty Wore Ruffles but I'm flat broke. I will in time, however, make it part of my slowly evolving fashion library.

McLaren herself was there wearing a coat from her SS2010 Demoiselle collection. I could not stop staring at it! The collection itself is full of luxurious details and volumes.

All fashion lovers in Dallas need to go see this exhibit. McLaren's show runs until Mid-December. For more information, visit my Fashion Calendar.

Chesley McLaren 4th fourth wall gallery,style geek dallas,peter,breese Chesley McLaren 4th fourth wall gallery,peter breese,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geek dallas

Another artist being featured at the 4th Wall Gallery is Peter Breese. His sketches were a little sexier, giving weight and fluidity to women's curves. That's him in the picture standing next to my favorite piece. I'll let you guess why. (*_~)

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