Thursday, August 15, 2013

[DAILY OUTFIT] We All Had Our Minds Made Up For Us, We Had To Believe In Something, So We Did

OOTD Cross Symbols 1

I wasn't sure if I was going to take part in the crosses trend that is all the rage among the Nu Goth culture. With the sudden over-saturation of symbols in fashion, I've been contemplating how and why we wear them. For instance, triangles are pretty popular and I've seen them on plenty of shirts, but I'm sure not many know what the upward and downward-facing triangles are symbols of the male and female respectively.

However, the old-school Goth in me finally gave in and I bought this shirt with different cross motifs. Before I moved and lost 80% of my wardrobe, I had a few items with crosses. Not because I was super-Christian but because I found them beautiful and mysterious (not to mention their association with vampires).

Mary Rose at The Everyday Goth brought up the same points a few weeks ago in her blog Religious Iconography in Goth Fashion:
"I wear them because I find them very beautiful and it's a way to wear my love of western art and history around with me all the time... religious symbols come with questions of cultural appropriation, but I think this is a good starting point of a long-term discussion on what responsible decisions we can make with our wardrobe..."
OOTD Cross Shirt Symbols

As I put on the shirt, I wondered what - if anything - would I be communicating? Would Christians see me as one of their faithful flock? Probably not with the tattoos. Would some think I'm just another trendy fashionista? Sometimes I am. But more importantly, did I care?

Ten years from now I'll still wear Gothic crosses because they symbolize an definitive era in the alternative subculture for me. And that goes for any symbols that have meaning to me. If I offend someone in the process, though, I am sorry.

But that's the funny thing about symbols, they can mean different things to different people. We hold so many different beliefs, so many different values and opinions, you're never going to be able to account for everyone.

OOTD Cross Symbols Shoes

Another great post to check out on symbolism in fashion is Style Bizzarre's Beware of What You Wear!
  • Houndstooth Pants - Mudd @ Kohl's
  • Cross Motif Shirt - Feelib: Feel Liberated via Local Discount Store
  • Shoes - Ed Hardy
  • Hair - Undyed

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