Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[DAILY OUTFIT] Just a Semi-Hiatus in Time for Spring Cleaning

Spin Baby, Spin!
I took these pictures like two weeks ago right before I touched up my hair. I just found them as I was cleaning out my hard drive. I hope that organizing my hard drive and SD cards will help me stay on top of my blog pics.

This month I'm doing something incredibly time consuming and extreme: I'm going through three years of blog posts for a bit of Spring Cleaning. I want to make sure all my posts are correctly tagged and categorized, the pictures are well laid out and delete any posts that just don't feel right. So for the month of April, my posting will be spotty while I go through old posts and get the hang of a new posting schedule.

Organizing my computer, cleaning out my SD cards, going through my old posts... looks like the Spring Cleaning bug has bitten me... in every aspect except physically - my desk is cluttered again and I still need to put up laundry.

I love how this outfit can go from cute professional to fun and casual. After work, I just tied it in the front to run my errands. Maybe next time I'll add a petticoat under the dress.

I'm also working on a new drawing for my header. I've had to just come to terms with my need for constant change. The weird thing is that I still require stability in my life. Alex calls it "The Great Aquarius Paradox". Seriously, ask any Aquarius because I've confirmed with five.

  • Blazer: Torrid
  • Tights: JCpenney
  • Earrings: Sam Moon
  • Shoes & Dress: Bazaar
  • Shirt: Fallas Paredes

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