Sunday, August 28, 2011

[SAPPHIC SUNDAY] If You Don't Stand for Something, You'll Fall for Anything

I don't really talk a lot about big name brands on my blog. I don't think they need the extra publicity ;) though a lot of big brand pieces do find themselves on my Lust List.

Kenneth Cole, for example, has always had a knack for tailored lines and his sweaters usually make said List. He recently made another one my my Lists - Fashion I Respect - by taking a stance on certain issues that are very important to me such as gay rights.

Since the mid-80's, Kenneth Cole has supported AIDS research and awareness - his brand has never been a stranger to social issues. Now, his newest campaign wants you to know that the company is more than "What You Stand In", it's "What You Stand For".

"I've used my brand platform to raise awareness about important social issues," says Kenneth Cole, "It's not just what [people] look like on the outside, it's who they are on the inside."

The site - - calls for open dialogue on the issues of gun control, war, pro-choice and gay rights. Being the good little lesbian I am, the first thing I clicked on was "Gay Rights". The question was "IS PREJUDICE AGAINST SAME-SEX MARRIAGE A FORM OF MINORITY DISCRIMINATION?" and there was a stream of comments about the issue.

Some simply stated yes, others cited religion while some were completely appalled that it would be considered "minority discrimination". Personally, I've always believed marriage to be a religious institution and, legally, we should just have civil unions that grant every couple (gay or straight) the same rights. Then you could go get married at your place of worship.

Despite the comments that left me wondering if people understood that civil rights were about equality, I applaud Kenneth Cole for using his brand to create an open forum where people can share, discuss and argue their views. While not everyone agrees, you see where the other side is coming from and I think that's important when formulation your own opinion on matters that affect more than just you.

Our world has grown smaller over the years and it's hard not to be directly affected by at least one of these issues. Taking a stance might seem like the last thing on your mind but sooner or later you will be asked (and probably judged by) where you stand on certain issues. Kenneth Cole, I believe, has made a big point with this campaign: where you stand is as much a part of you as the clothes you wear.

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