Monday, August 01, 2011

[STREET SNAP] Look What I Found in the Comic Book Aisle

Alex and I went to Half-Price Books last night to clear some energy. Books have a way of putting our minds at ease and recharging our souls.

I came across this young lady in the comic book and manga section which automatically earns her some cool points. Her style is cute and classic, which didn't surprise me as she knew about Lolita dress.

Alex bought a World of Warcraft comic and I found a 2007 copy of Jane. Does any one else remember Jane magazine? It was my favorite magazine when I graduated from high school. More than just the fashion, this magazine had some great stories. It was blogs on paper before blogs became so popular.


Unknown said...

Found you! Thanks for taking my picture! Sorry it took me so long to visit your blog, I lost your business card, then found it again.

Ann Gardner said...

What a beautiful model. You have such good taste!
Yes, I'm her proud mother!!!

Unknown said...

What a great pic! Mental note: dress for success always - even while shopping - Alice looks great ~ thank you for sharing! :D
Fellow comic geek!
Kristy Casey Deal (fb)