Friday, April 22, 2011

Somewhere Between Fashion, Art and Too Much Homework, That's Where I'll Be

These are my most recent assignments for Photoshop 101. We could have chosen any photo we wanted but I really wanted to work on some fashion pictures. Whether or not you know Photoshop, this teacher really likes to pile on the work so I've fallen a bit behind.

The top one is our simulated watercolor project. I used a photo I took at a recent fashion show, and am quite proud of how it turned out. Because of schoolwork, it's taken me longer to go through and resize the 100+ photos from this show . I think in the end there's only going to be like 30 good pics. I really need an SLR camera (-_-'). The dress is by local designer Oscar Fierro.

The bottom one is simulated oils. I don't like it as much as the watercolor but I hope for an A. I didn't spend as much time on it as I had to move on to the bookwork. The dress is by Norma Villanueva from a small fashion show she did. I'm working on a post for these pictures along with the designer info.

So what do you think? Do they look like watercolor and oil paintings? I'm thinking about doing another watercolor with a different photo once classes are over. It was kind of fun and the finished product is worthy of printing. (^_^)


Keysha! said...

Wow, I'm really impressed. They definately have an etheral watercolor quality to them. I hope you get an A+!


Style Me B.A.D said...

WOW. These are amazing. I didnt even know you could do all of this with photo shop..I so need a tutorial or class. Wanna teach me? Ill pay you in gum..or cookies? Whatever you like haha

Good luck with all the work, you can do it. Be (D)etermined. ;-)

Style Geek said...

Cookies? lol
Thanks you two for the support and I think my teacher is posting the tutorials online soon so I'll see if I can link to them.