Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[STREET SNAP] If You Could Scream Southwest Any Louder...

Walking through the gayborhood on Friday, and despite the title, I think her outfit is quite cute (maybe it's the turquoise). The irony of wearing cowboy boots in Dallas never goes out of style.


Keysha! said...

I kinda love the Texas Cowboy Boots cliche. The shirt is busy but still cute. = ) Great post.


Nicole said...

LOL at "gayborhood"

She def looks very Texas. Do people wear cowboy boots alot out there or no?? I've never been!

Style Geek said...

@Nicole, Yes people still wear cowboy boots out here for two reasons: ironic fashion or they cling to the cowboy-gentleman style. I have a pair in my closet but they're black and suede so I think that makes it alright. :-p

Also, Gayborhood - every major city has one.