Sunday, March 27, 2011

[DAILY OUTFIT] Every Femme Needs a Good Dress But Who Says It Has To Be Black?

Last Saturday, I went to cover the August Alexander debut fashion show and I really wanted to wear a nice dress. Do you ever get in the dressy mood? It's kinda rare for me as I prefer the shirt and skirt combo because there's more room to mix and match. But for that show, I really wanted to wear a dress.

Problem was I only only have three: two are extremely casual, and the other one has sequins that get everywhere and I'm thinking about just throwing it out. Yes, I'm missing the most important staple in my wardrobe: the Little Black Dress.

So I went in search of it 5 hours before showtime and found instead the Little Striped Dress.

Black is one of my favorite colors but, admit it, it's a safe color. We've been programmed that it's slimming and flattering, and can be used for anything. When every other color of the rainbow fails us, trusty black can become part of any scene or body type.

But looking at the dressing room mirror last Saturday, I wanted something more. Lots of people wear black to fashion events, it's the most common color. Sometimes, though, you have to be the girl in the stripped dress or the guy in the red pants.

Dresses should be staples in every femme-y girl's wardrobe but safe should not. I think the next dress I buy will have some non-nonsensical print like metallic stars.

I'll be posting fashion show pictures later!


Tina said...

I love this dress. You look great!

Style Me B.A.D said...

omg you look so beautiful!! I like that you mixed prints with the dress and printed tights.

Shoes= sickkk!!

And I cant wait to see what dress you wind up with! Black is def a safe color for all of us, but you should always have a LBD for whenever you may need one. They really come in handy. I need a new one asapo lol


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