Monday, March 14, 2011

NBC's Casting for 'The Fashion Project'

I was contacted my an LA casting producer about a Project Runway-style show that NBC is undertaking. They are looking for local designers, whether it be amateur, professionals, people who work from home, etc to compete on this new fashion show. The winner gets their entire line/brand launched in a major retail store across the country!

Depending where you look it from, this prize could be better than Project Runway's since there is the possibility for more brand awareness.

They're planning to come to Dallas during the first week in May. I know plenty of designers who want this chance.

If you're interested, e-mail the Casting Director Michelle Redwine ( to pre-book an on-camera interview. Some great things to include in the email are a short bio, website or blog links, self pictures and portfolio pictures (be it garments, sketches, mood boards, etc). Good luck to all local designers!

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