Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[DAILY OUTFIT] Hello Kitty Says Love Yourself And Your Accessories

I messed around with sepia in this picture a bit just for fun. If you scroll down, you'll see the accessory pics. I took out my big Mary Jane's I bought when Torrid first opened, you know, when they catered more to the alternative plus-size girl. Before they went mainstream and made alternative style a secondary fixture.

My mom gave me this new lipstick but I don't think you get the full color effect in the picture: Maybelline Scarlet Flare. It's got little sparkles in it and the name sounds scandalous so I think I'm gonna wear it for a while. Bet you $20 Alex is gonna make faces when she leans in to kiss me ;)


StyleMeBAD said...

Rockin ittt!! Love the top and the MJ's perfect the look!!

Love that necklace too!! :)

Kei said...

Cute ensemble, totally loving the jewellery. I think everyone needs a pair of big mary janes!

P.S. thanks for the comment on my blog! :)