Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[TREND WATCH] The Metrobutch's Top 10 Trends for Fall 2009

Metro Butch Mock Magazine Cover, Top 10 Fashion Trends for Fall 2009 The most recent assignment for my fashion writing class was to think of a creative way to show your the Top 10 Picks for this Fall. Somewhere between biker jackets, plaid and boyfriend blazers, this Fall seemed to scream "lesbian", making it easier for the non-fashion-forward lezzies to dress more fashionable. I've been watching it happen. (*__*)

My layout was simple: a mini parody magazine that would be inserted into the Dallas Voice, a free LGBT publication.

The title came from a YouTube video by TunaTalk about metrosexual butches. What tool belt? I have a Mossimo shoebox full of random tools (that I actually know how to use YAY!) Props to my friend Yuki for being my cover model. (=^__^=)

Metro Butch Mock Magazine Article, Top 10 Fashion Trends for Fall 2009

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Catrea B (My Pseudo Name) said...

Hey, those are awesome tips for fall! Metrobutches should take heed or even non-butches! Great article by the way :D