Tuesday, November 05, 2013

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] In Honor Of The Day of the Doctor, I'm Coveting These 10 Stylish TARDIS

I recently got lost on Etsy while I was suppose to be uploading some new bows for Faye's Realm. It's really easy to get sidetracked in a digital sea of creative people.

The upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 3D Special was heavily on my mind as I live in one of the cities that is doing a simulcast that Saturday. The tickets sold out quickly and I felt like a bad fan but Alex and I were debating going because 3D movies give her motion sickness. Also, we wanted to go with friends - nerdy fangirling is a lot more fun in groups.

Back on Etsy, a single Tardis bow led me down a rabbit hole of wishlist making. My closet is shamefully lacking as geeky girl, and while I don't wear a lot of blue, I think it could use some. In no specific order, these were my favorite finds:

Tardis Cosmic Flare Bow

Tardis Skirt with Adjustable Waist

Tardis Embroidered Pocket Circle Skirt

Police Box Messenger Bag

Bigger on the Inside Necktie

ABS Plastic Tardis Earrings

TARDIS Glitter Flats

Tardis in Space Knee Socks

Tardis Shoulder Sling Bag

Exploding TARDIS T-Shirt