Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[DAILY OUTFIT] Long Black Skirts And Painted Eyes, Sally Used To Mesmerize With Sultry Music From Above

I decided to play around with Photoshop filters. The sunset colored the photo, this song was playing in my head, and thus I felt moved to give it a more artsy look. Thank you Angled Strokes.

I haven't worn a skirt this long in almost 8 years. Right after high school, I realized that (1) I had nice legs, (2) short skirts made me feel sexy, and (3) my parents didn't own my body. I remember the first skirt I bought that landed above my knees - my mom kept trying to pull it down and warned not to let my dad see. After that, I didn't look back. I donated my long, black skirts to the local thrift store and picked up a pleated schoolgirl skirt for $6.

When Alex's mom gave me this skirt, without a second thought, I planned to cut it down and maybe make two skirts out of it. On a lark, however, I slipped it on and instantly remembered this weird magic that comes with long tiered skirt. I'm talking about the way it billows around your ankles as you walk, trapping the flow of energy beneath the fabric, adding an air of mystery as the wind blows it about.

I've always associated long skirts with witches, bohemians and healers. Coupled with the always-cool biker jacket, this outfit just filled me with a sense of creativity and power. I should have cultivated that feeling because I don't feel like got much done. It was worth a trip around the mall but Sundays just have an air of laziness I can't shake.


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