Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[DAILY OUTFIT] New Skull-Print Scarf, Purple Hair & Lessons Learned in 2012

So 2013 meant a new hairstyle - let's see how long this purple will last - and a new scarf given randomly to me my sister halfway between Christmas and my birthday (last Monday). She realized she wasn't a scarf person but let's call it a New Year's present anyway. The golden-polka-dots shirt was also Christmas present from her and is quickly becoming one of my favorite shirts.

I've had some time this month to really think about last year, reflect on my experiences and vow to never make the same mistakes. It's hard to form generalizations because every experience seemed like it's own little world but there are a few things I feel I've learned:
(scroll past the picture)

  • The best time to think, plan and organize is under a long, hot shower.
    Baths can be a little too relaxing for this. I think the physical process of washing away the daily grime helps to wash away clutter of the mind. The pouring water drowns out most other noise and I get a chance to clearly process my thoughts. Water is traditionally the element of intuition and the subconscious so I'm sure that helps. I recommend keeping a notebook or tablet handy to quickly to jot down your thoughts before you even get dressed.
  • There's nothing wrong with fighting over the little things.
    We're all different and I sincerely doubt that everyone in your personal life (lover, partner, sister, BFF, etc) will share your views on everything. So have a little argument when you need to, agree to disagree - and an hour later you'll realize how insignificant the issue was in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes we just need to yell at each other to realize how much we care. If in an hour, however, you can't shrug it off, then you guys will have to delve deeper.
  • Make sure to get everything in writing.
    This is one of those things everyone tells you but ends up taking experience to really understand. We're all human which means honesty tends to be subjective. I don't mean to say that everyone is horrible but people always want the better end of the deal. So when making deals, make sure everything is spelled out - in business as well as between friends. I've seen friendships die over verbal contracts. It seems stupid because "Hey, who's closer than your BFF?" but, financially, gray areas tend to screw things up.

Is there any lessons you feel 2012 taught you?

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