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[GEEK OUT] Fashion Progresses Full Steam Ahead

Steampunk,Ikkicon,Anime Convention,Style GeekSo the theme for this year's Ikkicon IV was Steampunk - a genre set in an era where steam power is still widely used but with elements of sci-fi and fantasy - think Wild Wild West and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And with every genre comes its fashions.

Because Steampunk is set in the time of the steam engine and the Industrial era, a lot of the fashion associated with it comes from the Victorian, early 1900's era. It's capes, cravats, and ruffles mixed with gears, brass goggles, and some leather cuffs. The end product really looks like something out of a sci-fi movie but at an anime convention, it's right at home.

Steampunk,Ikkicon,Anime Convention,Style Geek

The most notable detail of Steampunk is the addition of industrial technology to the clothing itself. If you think about where fashion is going, a lot of our clothing is technology-ready in the some way - there are jackets made with Bluetooth and mp3 players in mind.

Also, looking at this past Fall 2009, metal and chains adorned everything from shirts to boots to the side of our legs. Even if Steampunk seems alien and weird, its influence cannot be missed.
Steampunk,Ikkicon,Anime Convention,Style Geek Steampunk,Ikkicon,Anime Convention,Style Geek
Victoria's Secret 2009 Show

If you're interested in the Steampunk style, the best place to find items is on Etsy. You can also watch the video below for the Steampunk atmosphere and check out the Steampunk Tribune blog.

Steampunk,Ikkicon,Anime Convention,Style Geek Steampunk,Ikkicon,Anime Convention,Style Geek

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