Saturday, March 21, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Northpark Mall on Friday

Starting out with just some quick snapshots of street fashion in Dallas, TX. We all know that when the words "Dallas" and "fashion" are put together, people think of this:

steet style blog steet style blog

But, no, we're not all that western. Here are some quick pics I took while on a mini-date at Dallas' most fashionable mall: Northpark. I like the guy's purple shirt and the vest but he works in fashion (Fossil store) so does it count as "Street Style"? And the girl's outfit is uber cute. It's so hard to pull off orange, I think, but she did it well.

steet style blog steet style blog

Okay, so maybe we still got some Cowgirl in us (boots on the left). The girl on the right first looked at me like WTF? But I'm glad she let me take her picture. Can you see the ruffles on the front? Best part. XD

steet style blog steet style blog

We finished off the night with a fancy cup of coffee at La Duni - her treat of course.

steet style blog coffee

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