Thursday, September 02, 2010

[SHOP GEEK] Versace Suede Boots for Less? Close Enough

Fashion Boots,Versace Fashion Boots,Versace

So Versace has these deliciously tempting suede boots for Fall. They're a sexy mix of suede and patent-leather, and come in two colors: Purple (@ Net-A-Porter) & Black (@ Saks). Sadly, they only come in one price: $850.

Some of us can't afford to drop $850 on shoes and by the time we save up enough, they'll probably be out of season and on sale - just saying. So do we settle for some cheap knock-offs? I can't find any so far but it's still possible to get that style without spending more than $200.

Fashion Boots,Versace ← My first pick would be these by BCBGirls. They normally retail for $110 but Amazon & Gotham City Online have them for 50% off but only in size 5, 9.5 & 10. These boots also come in brown if you prefer.

Fashion Boots,Versace Isola also has some equally sexy booties that look perfect in you live in place that has warmer Autumns (like Dallas lol). They're actually the least like the Versace boots but I think they deserved mention. $193 @

Fashion Boots,Versace Looking for something on the low end? Can't spend more than $50? It's ok - you're not the only one lol. Try these by rsvp for only $39. They've been marked down from $119. All sizes seem available and it comes in two more colors (grey & gunmetal brown) but I recommend the black.

My only hangup is that I cannot (even if my life depended on it) walk in thin stilettos. More power to you if you can!

What do you think of Versace's mix of suede and patent-leather? I think it's a good marker for the direction of Fall fashion. Can't wait till the temperature drops here in Dallas!

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Love, Trixie said...

Hey! Just found your blog and luv it! Those boots are seriously amazing-purple is my favorite color and who doesn't love Versace?!